Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Patio Life!

Hi guys! Slowly but surely our new patio is taking shape. We bought most of our plants from Lowes, Black Creek Greenhouse and Conestoga (Lancaster) and Seltzer's, a local place. We've had pretty good luck so far, we only lost one tree that has to be dug up and returned (thankfully Lowes has that one year warranty!). As far as edibles I planted a few herbs (can't wait for fresh brewed mint tea and homemade pesto!), blueberry bushes, and veggies. This year I'm doing zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, Bibb, buttercrunch and red sails lettuce, green, yellow and purple peppers, Good King Henry (a yummy salad green), eggplants, and..pumpkins!! My garden is on the small side this year so I'm not expecting too much out of the pumpkins, it's mostly just for fun :)

Christening the new patio..we couldn't wait for it to be done! Haha

Home grown lettuce just tastes so much better, and it's super easy.

One of my irises, don't they look just like purple velvet? Gotta get more of these

The cicadas are everywhere this year! They were all over the apple trees out in the field, we could actually see the little holes in the ground they emerged from. It's kind of creepy when one flies onto you, but they don't hurt anything. So far they have left the new landscaping plants alone, so I'm crossing my fingers!


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