Welcome to Just Jess and thanks so much for visiting and considering my blog for a product review or giveaway!

I love to keep my readers informed of products that I use and love-everything from fashion, beauty products, food, technology, jewelry, kitchen items, home improvement, gadgets and so much more. I often include photos or videos in my product reviews to give readers the best possible view of the product and help them to visualize exactly what makes the product so innovative and unique. I'm a down to earth girl and know that if I love something, chances are good there are many other people out there who will enjoy it as well. Every review I write will be my honest opinion, and will include thorough and accurate details and facts. I will never post a negative review-if I don't enjoy a particular product a review will simply not be written and you will be contacted and made aware of the situation. I never delete the posts so your product's review will be on my site for years to come. 

The following are just a few of the ways that I can help to promote your company~

Review and Giveaway Promotions
It's exciting for my viewers to run across a new and interesting product that also includes the chance for them to win it to try out for themselves.  You send me a full sized product to review, and within an agreed upon time frame I will post a detailed review of the product. I give my honest reviews on products free of charge and don't have time to ship products back. I will then offer an agreed upon number of readers the chance to win the product and encourage them to write and spread the word about your product and company. I can give bonus entries for readers who tweet about your product, like your company on facebook, write a blog post, or any other form of promotion. Giveaways will be open to all US citizens. Please note that I ask my sponsors to ship directly to the winners of my giveaways within 30 days of receipt of winner's information. 

Review Only Promotions
You send full sized product to me to review, and I write a review of your product and/or website.

I work very hard to promote the companies that I work with. If you have specific requests I will make every attempt to work with you. If you have specific keywords, logos, links, facebook/twitter information, or photos that you could like to see included simply specify what you prefer and I will work to accommodate you.  All products will be considered and I promptly respond to all e-mails. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your products and company!