Friday, September 6, 2013

Cape May 2013

Excited for fall!

My new evil eye necklace from Etsy.

My pumpkins are all turning orange! I only grew a few this year, next year I'll be too busy with the wedding to spend much time in the garden.

Our Labor Day! Shoprite has the best prices on steak and lobster. I guess there are some perks to living 15 minutes away from the World's Largest Shoprite! It's kind of our last little splurge before we start buckling down and saving more money for wedding expenses, even though there are still a few splurges I plan on making here and there!

Our neighbor's hen had chicks! The mother is a gold lace wing Wyandotte..the father is a mystery as of right now. Such a cutie! Makes me want to get a rooster for ourselves,if only I didn't love to sleep in! haha

Chai is getting so big! He's already 4 1/2 months old. He's calming down enough to snuggle up with us as night. I gave him a cold teething toy from the freezer to soothe his sore gums (he lost 4 baby teeth so far) and he settled right down and relaxed with us. We spent yesterday planning out our trails in the woods and Chai was right next to us in the woods the whole time. He's so perfect for our lives! We love him so much.