Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Savvycents Wallet Review

I was actually really excited when I got the opportunity to review the Savvycents wallet. Everyone who commiserated with my post showing my overstuffed wallet can relate to the difficulties of keeping cash, credit card, receipts, coupons, store cards, membership cards, insurance cards, pharmacy cards, licenses, change together in an organized way. I immediately started transferring everything over to the cute patent pink leather wallet and was amazed at how much space this thing really has in it-I fit everything from my old overstuffed wallet plus more into it and it still kept it's sleek, streamlined shape. 


I love that I have the option to keep coupons in the accordion style pockets-even hard core couponers will appreciate having a place for important coupons with lugging their full coupon binders around. The convenient coin pouch on the back makes it easy to make change, and it even has a place to hold a pen or pencil in the inside fold. The fact that it zips all the way around is really nice-you can take it out to a restaurant as a clutch and not have to worry about anything falling out. This is the perfect "all-in-one" product-I'm really happy with how much easier it is to stay organized! 


Savvycents Wallet Features

  • Accordion style file system inside the wallet to separate money and/or coupons by categories;
  • Wallet comes with file cards where you can label each category with our pre-printed labels or customize the blank labels based on your needs;
  • Coin pocket is located on the backside of the wallet;
  • 6 pockets for credit, debit cards and store discount cards;
  • 2 open view slots for driver’s license or ID;
  • Snap closure on accordian file and zipper closure on wallet;
  • Wallet measures 8” x 4”;
  • Available in black, red or pink patent leather

Read more about the Savvycents wallet and where to find it here~  Savvycents

Disclaimer: I received a free wallet from the sponsor in order to give an honest review, no compensation was provided, all opinions expressed are completely my own.


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