Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time For a Wallet Upgrade

Updating my wallet is something I really don't do very often. For the past several years my old standby has been a black vintage leather model that I picked up at a local thrift shop. Lately it's been getting stuffed to capacity with business cards, store cards, coupons, receipts, shopping lists, insurance cards, and other items and I've been hunting for a better way to keep all my stuff organized. It's really helpful to have all my coupons in one spot when I need to run an errand while I'm out without having to go home to get my coupon binder so I love when a wallet has a ton of extra slots to hold everything. 

The Savvycents wallets are really eye catching-their labeled accordion style coupon tabs would be so helpful to find what I need in a hurry. 

Do you have a wallet that you love? Let me know!


  1. that looks like a wallet I could use right about now. Mine is just popping at the seams..mostly

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