Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Favorite Bronzer- Laura Gellar Baked Body Frosting

Bronzing body shimmers are probably one of my favorite "fun" beauty products-I love the soft glow that they give your skin without having to live in a tanning bed. I've tried many of them over the years, and often times they are either too dark giving my skin a muddy look, contain large chunks of glitter that fall over everything, or are too subtle to produce any kind of effect. It can also be a hassle to use shimmer powder because it's hard to control where I'm applying it, and it's more likely to get on my clothing than where I want it. 

Laura Gellar Baked Body Frosting is a product that I have been using all summer long and it has quickly become a favorite. It comes in a large compact in pressed powder form, so there's no loose powder flying everywhere. The supplied puff is very easy to use and applies the perfect amount of powder to my skin.
A really cool benefit of this shimmer is that it can be applied wet or dry to get different effects. Apply it dry for a subtle, soft glow, or mist the puff with a spray of water before application to get a dramatic sun-kissed golden sheen. It's also very easy to build layers to control how dark you want to get.

  It's amazing for achieving that dewy, luminous look especially for legs when wearing shorts or skirts.  My favorite shade is honey glow, but it also comes in a light pink version called sugar glow-great for those with very fair skin tones. You can find both at Amazon.com

 What summer beauty products have you been loving? Comment and let me know!

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Laura Gellar nor was I compensated in any form for this review, the opinions expressed are purely my own

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  1. I love the idea of a baked full body product. I've used baked eyeshadows for years because of their staying power. This really looks like a "grown up" bronzer; not a glittery mess you'd buy at Claires. I would love to use this after buliding a tan with Jergen's Natural Glow Express for a few days.