Friday, December 7, 2012

So Many Updates!

I hosted my first ever Thanksgiving where Bill's family met my family for the first time. Everyone had a fun time and my food was a big hit! I made an herb butter rub that made the turkey perfectly golden brown (love that crispy skin!), and Giada de Laurentis' baked mashed potatoes. Everyone helped out with the appetizers, stuffing, gravy and desserts. For dessert I baked an apple cream cheese turnover and whipped up some homeade fudge.

My table setting

How cute are these name tags?

The whole spread

Soo happy with how this 14 lb. bad boy turned out! 

We finally got all of our Christmas decorations up, I can't believe how amazing it all looks. We got the 12' Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby. Decorating it was a bit tricky (we spent a fair amount of time balancing on ladders and the ottoman in the living room) but it was so worth it. The neighbors love seeing the tip of it through the second floor window. Bill rigged the star together out of stuff we found at HomeGoods. The garlands are the final touch. The whole room makes me feel like I'm in a Charles Dickens novel, it's so cozy and warm.


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